Sunday, 24 February 2013

Whats your worth

We have all heard of, if not seen, the film Indecent Proposal where a billionaire offers a bloke £1million to spend one night with his wife (clearly with one thing on his mind) but I wonder if anyone would actually have big enough balls to do this in real life?
I mean if you were on a night out & some random offered your man money to spend a night with you then I suppose its a compliment; I mean he could have probably gotten away with paying a hooker £20 for a blow job - cheap at half the price. But is it a compliment or an insult? Is he implying that you look like a high class hooker who would do anything for money OR is he thinking you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen & knows you would never go near him with a barge pole.

So many questions....For instance if you & your partner both agree to it, is this classed as cheating? I mean if you are all consenting adults how can it be. But even if your man does agree & it goes ahead then I bet he will be left with doubts about you & the relationship, which in the end would lead to a split. If you are prepared to put aside your relationship as well as your panties at the flash of some cash what else are you prepared to do? Also if you do it once will it have a lasting effect on you - giving you a taste for hard, fast cash (literally hard & fast with some men).
Would your other half be classed as a pimp, technically he is loaning you out for money & according to the Urban Dictionary their description is; a man who brokers the sexual favours of women for a profit! However technically if you do spend the night with someone for money but nothing sexual happens are you still classed as a prostitute? According to that same dictionary the definition is; One who will perform sexual acts if payment is arranged. So no sex no hoe....hummm still debatable if you ask me.

They have even featured this as a story line in The Simpsons of all things; Marge is offered to spend the weekend with a guy she use to go to school with who has always fancied her. He offers her £1million which is initially declined however Marge accepts as because Homer needs an operation & they can see no other way of raising the funds. They did however have a clause where there were to be no rudeness or sexy business (amen to that rule) so when the guy made a move on the first night Marge was out of there quicker than she could say 'eat my shorts' (clearly he was hoping to eat more than that!!).

No matter how hard up I was there is no way that I would jepodise my relationship with my man, I would rather live on the bread line being happy & content rather than sell myself out for a few bucks to pay off a few bills, buy a new car or maybe even a new house. Money doesn't buy happiness, especially if you have loads of it but are on your own because you obtained it by banging an OAP for a night then your man left you....

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Take your position

There are 1001 different sex positions, in fact probably many more than that as making them up as you go along is half the fun. So I thought it only fair that we go through a few of them; you never know you might see one that tickles your fancy & be brave enough to give them a go :o)

Go on top & dominate :o)
1. Her on top - Now you might think 'yawn that's boring' but I thought I would ease you in gently with one we all know & are familiar with. Also to quote Phil Mitchell on what he said about Cathy in East Enders; The oldies are the goodies :o)
This is a great position for both parties involved so no one is being greedy. It is what it says on the tin, the man lays on his back while the woman climbs on top like a cow girl & away you go. For added pleasure you could lean back & hold onto his ankles or alternatively pin his hands down above his head & take complete control. This is a good one for us girls for when we want to be in charge as being on top you get to control the speed & the motion. So actually you should ignore the first part as if she is in the mood then a woman can be very greedy in this position....
(You can also do this same position however facing the other way, so your back is towards his face - this is known as the reverse cow girl & takes a little practice).

2. Kneeling Fox - This is similar to the doggy position but with a twist, so this is one for the men.
The woman gets on her hands & knees & leans forward on her arms, he kneels behind & puts his hands on her waist. He pulls her down towards him rather than her being on all fours; so basically it looks a bit like you are sitting on his knee. Good for deep penetration however you don't get all the intimate stuff like kissing or looking lovingly into each others eyes (but hey somethings gotta give).

3. Stand up - As I write I sit here wondering if this is what Ludacris meant with the lyrics of one of his songs "Stand up, when I move you move, just like that" Hummmm hidden meaning maybe.
Basically the woman stands facing the wall with her feet about two feet away, leaning forward to keep her balance, allowing her to stick her bum in the air. He then slid's on in & enters her from behind. The woman gets to thrust backwards using the wall to apply as much pressure as she likes, till she hears the right amount of moans anyway :o)
This one does involve more effort then usual as you are standing but hey no one achieves nothing without a little hard work....

Get your very own bullet....
4. Magic Bullet - You have to look past the name as there are no disappearing acts or guns used to create this bad boy so if you had other ideas pay attention. The woman lays on her back with her legs straight up in the air, the man kneels on the bed behind you. He can then hold onto her legs for leverage & to help with the thrusting. Bit of a tip for the guys - you can hold her legs together with one hand so as you feel fuller inside her & then with the other hand he can use to wonder all over your body, finding your sensitive spots. Failing that you can obtain a vibrator called 'The Bullet' from Ann Summers which hits the spot EVERYTIME!! Its a big orgasm in a small package but like its name once on your trigger your sure to go BANG :o)
The women's legs can get quite achy so this is one for the lazy chicks....

5. Sexy Spoon - Fear not no cutlery is injured in the process of this as none are used (phew, I knew you were getting worried hoping it would be tea spoons & not table spoons).
How could he resist you in this
The woman lays on her side in the bed, the man then spoons her from behind. Entering her slowly he just put a whole new spin on bedtime cuddles! This is a great one for helping you feel that bit closer & intimate, its definitely nice & slow instead of fast & reckless. It can be a bit awkward at first which is why he should be slow to enter but once you get going the worlds your Lobster :o)
Once you have picked up the pace (unless you prefer to stick it in the slow lane - remember the torturous & the hare story....) to switch it up a bit he can elevate her top leg & slide his hand down to rub her clit, this is a tip which is sure to send her over the edge.

Well folks don't be disappointed that I have left it there, plenty here for you to be going on with & I don't want to give away all the gems at once. So give these ones a go, try it; you may just like it.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Age ain't nothin but a number

Apparently Bill Roache (aka Ken Barlow from the street) has split from his girlfriend of 3 years, Emma Jesson, as they drifted apart. Well considering he is 80 & she is 44 I would say you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to know that wasn't gonna work! This leads me on to wonder; When your putting together your list of what you look for in a partner - looks, personality, career, money etc does age ever come into the equation & if not should it?

It seems it has always been more accepted in society for the man to be older than the woman, no one really bats an eye lid at that. However there is an ever growing trend more recently where older women are praying on younger guys & getting their fill of satisfaction; Welcome the Cougar....
Younger men have personally never done anything for me - I need a man not a boy, however I can see the appeal for older woman. I imagine if your single & retired it could get a little boring or lonely & besides just because you are retired from work doesn't mean your are retired from having fun in the bedroom. If you are a go getter (as these Cougars seem to be) then you want someone who is going to be able to keep up & satisfy your EVERY need, not be worried that his false teeth will fall out half way through.
However I can't help but think the only appeal for a young man is either money (if she is loaded, which they tend to be) or experience. If she is one of these that has had lot of work done then he has landed on his feet really - she looks younger & a babe (everything is firm & tight cause she paid enough for it to stay where it was intended to), she has money, independent & has bags of experience. But lets be honest they can't all be like that, these Cougars are what little boys dream about but fantasy is rarely reality.

Old men love nothing more than a young woman on their arm & many a divorce comes from him running off with a younger bird (she normally gets branded a slut or home wrecker!) giving him the title of a Sugar Daddy. Its all about ego, having a trophy on their arm to parade in front of their mates to make them jealous. I mean even if his mates love their wives & are happy they will think about it at some point; comparing the steak they have at home to the burger their mate gets to eat every night (that's if he has swallowed his quoter of Viagra of course to keep up).

Lets be honest women's bits may hang out down South after a certain age but men become un-able to keep their dicks hard long enough to please themselves never mind a woman; that's even if they can get a twitch out of it, let alone a full on hard on! But in this modern day there is always a cure - women have face lifts, lipo & botox while men have Viagra :o) 
So ladies if you are tempted to take the Worthy's Original from an old guy at some point make sure he has a big bag of blue diamond shape sweets by the bedside.
& Boys if your ever tempted to get a lesson other than Maths from the likes of Carol Vorderman, make sure you take note & do your home work.  

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