Monday, 29 October 2012

Men V Women - different rules

One thing I have never understood is why if a guy sleeps with a thousand girls (maybe even multiple at one time) he is looked upon as some sort of god amoungst other guys & is "high fived". If a girl sleeps with even a fraction of the number of guys she is classed as a slut....
Do these men not stop to think that the girls they are working their way through are just exactly the same as them - only difference is that you have different bits?!

Everyone who is everyone has a time in their lives where they go through that stage, call it what you like - having fun, being single or just plain whoring around. At the end of the day no sex before marriage is so few & far between now a days, even if it does exist I believe these people are likely to stray at some point.
Lets be honest everyone needs to "try before you buy" otherwise how do you know you like it or if it even fits??
Men are like shoes - you wouldn't go into a shop & buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's without trying them on first, what would be the point in that. You might spend all that money for them not to fit & then you end up taking them back & swapping them.
Men work out to be expensive too (if they are the right one & the one you marry) look at all those birthdays, christmas', valentines days & anniversaries! Therefore its best to know you wanna keep him before investing all that time, effort & money otherwise you will end up exchanging.

Don't get me wrong when you have the right one there is nothing wrong with window shopping as look as you don't purchase anything - in fact don't even try it on!!

There are so many similarities between men & shoes its a joke, for example -
Expensive shoes are more than likely not only expensive & will hurt your feet, you don't NEED them you WANT them theres a difference. So you spend all your money on the best looking pair of shoes ever, they look great (5 inch peep toe sling backs - Christian Louboutin of course) however your feet kill you :o(
Yet if you would have say gone to Clarks the shoes are not great looking & not as expensive but boy are they comfy, you don't want them but they fit like a glove & feel like slippers :o)
Its exactly the same with men - the ones that look gorgeous, stunning, great body, chissled etc you WANT yet are more likely to be the ones that break your heart. The Mr Nice Guy who doesn't spend 2 hours getting ready or spend more than you on cosmetics you NEED him. He will love you & treat you like a princess.

Now obviously I am just generalising & this is not the case everytime (before I am in un-dated with a million comments how "my mans not like that!") but just think about it when you look back through your little black book of ex's & I bet you will see some truth in my comparrison....

RULE OF THUMB - Try before you buy :o)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sex exactly as it is....

As you looked at the title of this Blog you are wondering what its all about which is why you have chosen to read on - well the clue is in the name; its about sex, telling it exactly as it is. No sugar coating, no pussy footing around just straight to the point.
I'm a 30 year old woman who always says it as it is, honest frank opinions are all you will get from me & that is one of the things I like about myself. If you don't want to know the truth its best not to ask, after all they do say the truth is harsh.
I have always been very open minded & down to earth, never being one to mince my words which I find people prefer (as do I). I'm not a Dr or a porn star (even though I have learnt a thing or too from Ron Jeremy) nor am I claiming to know everything - however I feel the knowledge I do have should be shared as it has been of great use not only to myself but to my friends in the past. From giving advise on how to give a blow job to a man without a fore skin (by improvising on a banana non the less, which was part of free staff fruit provided at work) to explaining what rimming means! There is not much that will embarrass me or turn my cheeks red, well the ones on my face anyway :o)

When 50 Shades of Grey came out my friends said "you were meant to write a book like that". The truth is if I did then it would make 50 Shades look like a comic strip!! I'm not a "her hand slid down his member" kind of girl - after all a member of what?? I am straight forward, right to the point "her hand slid down his cock!!" After all we are all adult right & lets be honest when you are between the sheets with your very own Mr Grey you don't whisper in his ear "Ooh babe why don't you slip your tinky winky into my frofro" do you??!! That's play ground stuff, I don't even call it a willy to be honest cause I'm not 10 years old. Some may think its rude or maybe even that there is no need for it but if that is the case then don't read on as its only gonna get worse hahahaha.

In my entries I will include tips/hints to help with your bedroom activities & welcome any comments or questions along the way. There will be clothes & toys for every situation, some if not all tried & tested (well you can't suggest something if you haven't tried it out first - best to be prepared). Links of where you can purchase such items & don't worry if your shy about going to the shops & being seen going into one of "those" shops we have good old Internet shopping so it just turns up on your door step in a suspicious brown paper bag instead (only joking).

So sit back & I hope you enjoy the ride with me & that I am of some use to some of you x